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Main Rules of egstudios

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Main Rules of egstudios

Post by Luckduck1000 on Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:41 am

Please follow these rules of this site.


1.No trolling.
2.No spamming.
3.No posting bad links or photos.
4.No swearing.
5.No cursing or fighting a person that will lead him to leaving this site.
6.No abusing power over people or stuff.
7.No giving out information to other websites that could lead us in shame.
8.Respect one another and the leaders here.
9.Please speak English at all times.
10.No hacking
11.Do not lie.
12.Do not post topics that are useless or that have no connection to the selection or page.
13.Please ask people to join our site ( if you want )
14.Please always be helpful with one another even if you hate the guy, give him a shot Smile
15.Not teasing/dizzing people.
16-Don't double post edit your post.
17-A dog looses it legs by being stupid (Don't be the idiot)

punishment is a warning then ban:
1st time - 1st warning
2nd time - 2nd warning
3rd time - 3rd warning
4th time - 3 days ban from site
5th time and above - 6 days ban from site

*Please do not break any rules here.
*If the ban days are to high then please just PM me so i can edit it.

____With all respect,


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